Monday, January 05, 2009


My mind is like tattered tatters

I'm still lurching around the ruins of my mind; Jesus, it's a mess in here/there. My attention span is a bit better, since I've cut back on the vicodin, but the physical discomfort is up. Balance that out? At least with the vicodin I don't get bored: I can't remember enough to be bored—oh, I just spent the last two hours on the bed, looking out the window, and holding a cup of coffee in my hand? Oh. OK.

The world is lurching along, too. Israel is doing to Gaza what they shouldn't do. We're not the only amnesiac country. I'm waiting for Israel to move into the "rescuer" phase; they hang onto the Victim part real well, and don't like it when people say, Uh, you're persecuting the civilians there in Gaza...It's the Laurel and Hardy Theory of History: "Now see what you've made me do!" It's awful. I guess it's normal, though, because it sure is one of the recurring themes in history. It's not our fault, we were forced to do this. The big deal is to avoid taking responsibility.

And a fair amount of bad news about old friends: this one is dying of cancer, that one is going blind; so and so has emphysema, and who's his face needs a liver transplant. Bad. Normal, but not not good. I'm still not a spiritual giant.

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