Saturday, February 28, 2009


from a crowded desktop to a crowded life or the other way around....

There're a lot of stories I've flagged and put on the desktop, with the purpose of sticking them here and making comments about them. A week's worth of them.

I've had a hectic week and didn't get around to them any sooner: q.west, my ISP, periodically sends me glitch, and since I'm not a techie, it sometimes takes me several days to figure out what it is—or to rectify it, without necessarily fixing it, right; I spent a lot of time on the phone arranging for some out-patient surgery to back out a screw the doctor put too far into the ball in my right hip; I've been fighting off a chest cold; still plenty of aches from the healing hip; he anniversary of my son's death is coming up next week; and so on and so forth, ad infinitum. You know the story: we all live it from time to time.

So, now I'll see what looks worthwhile and comment-worthy.

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