Sunday, February 15, 2009


Republicans hope to destabilise America?

Is there a method in the madness of the Republican-refusenik party? I've been wondering. All I've come up with, though, is the possibility that by being such a collection of stonewall-heads they hope to bring on the destabilisation of our country—which would pave the way, they hope, for some Gingrich-like charismatic leader who would promise stability and jobs and running the buses on time and getting rid of the illegal immigrants who have dragged this country down into the morass of atheistic liberal Jewish bankers, blah blah. Yeah, that they've decided they aren't going to get their wishes unless we give up on what democracy we have left.

Well, it's possible. The Republican behavior is truly lock-step and regressive. Could it be the infiltration of the party by the unreconstructed southern racists-militarists-Christians has led them to such a point of view?

But, Pete, that would treason. Yeah, it would.

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