Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Ammo hard to find, according to news reports

Today's Bull had an article about how hard the employees are working at Nosler, the bullet-making company. People are stocking up, as per instructions from the neo-fascist talk radio heads. I wondered about that. There is a lot of insurrectionary talk, and from what I've seen all the gun freaks (the serious ones) have joined up with the Republicans and Christians to "pertek their right t'bar arms." That ain't good.

I guess we should just sit back and let the all knowing "government" protect us. After all there is a background check before a person can buy a weapon. I am sure all violent criminals get their weapons the right way. Maybe we should ban weapons just like canada and britian. Uh..... just how exactly is that working out for crime? I am not drinking the kool aid. By the way Have you received your checks from Obama yet? Me neither. Oh well.
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