Sunday, April 05, 2009


Socialist? Obama? Hah!

There's still the lie, floating around the right-wing universe, that Obama is a "socialist" who wants to take over the banks, start a new currency, and so on and so forth. No doubt that's why he has people like David Axelrod and Larry Summers making decisions. Sommers, according to the Wall Street Journal (not exactly the American version of Pravda), got $5,000,000 in pay helping U.S. banks. The man is one of them, not a supervisor or watchdog. The administration, as much as I like Obama, is simply doing it's part of maintain the system; any reforms will have to be incidental.

And, by the way, no, there is no Chinese army ready to move up from Mexico. Nor is there any truth to the rumor that George Washington chopped down a cherry tree.

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