Friday, April 03, 2009


Things fall apart?

My sort of hope-free optimism isn't working too well.

I have the feeling that our crazed capitalist system may be so determined to...well, kind of like the last of the Nazis in the Berlin bunker, you know? Will the plutocrats, in their frenzy to preserve the ideology, actually let the country go to pieces, down the drain, flush the toilet, turn on the disposal? Yeah, I think they would, rather than change much of anything except the outside coat of paint. FDR went to the wall to preserve capitalism, and that's what's going to happen again, now.

Nobody seriously wants to change our system. They have too much invested (no pun intended, but it's OK there is one); all their lives they've been working within the corporate capitalist system. It's all they can see, all they know. They're in a mine tunnel they've dug in fragile rock and the tunnel is caving in. They took out the timber supports to speed things up and the ceiling is coming down. They're not going to do anything except throw in a few supports here and there and hope it's enough. Look, fellas, maybe we should try another way to dig this mine, maybe from a different direction or with a different set of tools. Who told us to dig here and dig this way, anyhow? Why don't we get rid of them and try something different? Not a perfect metaphor here, but you know what I mean. What's bad is that we're all in the mine tunnel, every one of us!

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