Friday, April 17, 2009


Torture, karma and oh-oh!

This morning, along with a few million other people, I read the OLC's "torture memos." I watched Amy Goodman and guests talking about the implications of America's use of torture—the bug judge who now smiles benevolently from the 9th Circuit Court Bench. I started weeping at what the country has done.

Jesus fucking Christ. "We" —that is the government that represents us all— have gone off the deep end, completely, into the shit swamp. I keep thinking of the white South Africans, who during the years of Apartheid, smiled, watched TV, and went about their business. Yeah, or the Germans, who occasionally got irritated by the strange smells coming from those big kind of factory-like places that had recently been built outside of towns, who smiled, listened to the radio, and went about their business. Is there karma? You betcha. One way or the other, there's lotsa karma.

Bad enough with slavery. Bad enough with the Indians, the Chinese and Irish who built our big railroads, and bad enough, too, with the war in the Philippines and the Mexican War...How can anybody look at American history and say, "God has truly blessed this nation!" It's enough, Jim Harrison said, to make God puke. And after God is done puking...

Well, if Russia and Belgium and Japan and France and England and Germany keep on existing, maybe the U.S. will, too. For a while, at least. But it just seems like we're due for a good karma whipping.

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