Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Trifling Tuesday

Coleman finally caved in! You have to hand it to the Repugnicans: not only do they thrive on family values, they're absolutely the finest sportsmen (and women) to be found anywhere. Franken ought to sue Coleman for lost wages.

And I'm more or less (mostly less, to be honest) back to physically normal. At least I can take showers and get dressed by myself, I can walk, the rental wheelchair has been returned, and I can even wash dishes again. Yea! Started at the physical therapy place this morning. Nothing much, mostly stretching exercises.

I'm probably not going to the dance ceremony this year, particularly since Beth is working and Lucy is too broke to bring her motor home over the mountains. They'll have to do it all without me. They can. Wish I could go, but it's a lot of work and gimping around. I'm not even sure I could drag myself into the sweat lodge. Probably, but dragging myself out afterward would be the problem! I definitely am not going to drag the buffalo skulls, either.

But, at least, Coleman is out.

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