Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I'm starting to wonder...

...which is going to take longer to recover: our economy or my shoulder. No causation here, just a little correlation, I hope. There sure aren't any big public works projects going on, or even in the talk-about stage.

Public works projects don't have to be on the scale of Grand Coulee or Hoover Dam. It's the P.R. that goes with them, I believe. Stuff like, "Renovating America's Cities, One Block at a Time!" or "Mile by Mile, We're Repaving American Roads!" A lot of economic recovery involves altering how people think and feel. They need to feel—we all need to feel—that change is happening, not that it's more of the same, a bunch of old white guys in thousand dollar suits making deals and calling it Government.

I'm big on positive thinking these days because it's what's keeping me on with exercising my new shoulder and not getting discouraged that eight weeks have gone by and I still can't walk and swing my arm like a normie can. Eight weeks isn't a long time, I know, but there's a part of me that's cynical and says, Jesus, this isn't ever going to get better. I want instant gratification. I want it now! So the prayer is always, Creator, I want to have patience and I want to have it right now...

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