Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It's a sloooww week on the high desert

I was just checking Ten Bears' blog, Homeless on the High Desert, and wanted to comment on a couple of his postings. Couldn't figure out how to do it. One was on the Bend Bulletin's editorial today about how the stimulus was a failure. Yeah.

The Bulletin is doing a remarkable job of trying to return to the thrilling days of the administration of Herbert Hoover. It's as though somebody fed the paper regression/reaction pills. They consistently come out against taxes on the rich, any sort of government action, and manage to editorialize their front page... It has become as informative as a Republican newsletter. I guess, on second thought, it is a Republican newsletter. Not a very big one, either. If it wasn't for foreclosure notices they could probably print their classified section on one 8 X 10 sheet of paper. The front section isn't much larger. The business section is simply a fold-over.

The other item I wanted to comment on was something about some pastor praying for Obama's death. That's really frightening. We know the right wing has a vast collection of guns and we know many of them are convinced they know god's will and it's for them to save this this country from Satan. I didn't expect, over the years, such a self-righteous wave of rage to sweep the country. I actually thought we were winning, slowly but surely. We being the forces of progressive politics, compassion, mediation not violence, and so on and so forth. I was wrong, yeah. The hyper-right has gone totally bat-shit.

Now, the problem is, that we don't go bat-shit trying to keep up with them.

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