Sunday, July 12, 2009


Now see what you made me do!

Yeah. One of the famous lines of abusers is "Now see what you made me do!" Like, it's all your fault I hit/fucked/molested/killed/insulted you—I'm really innocent. I'm the real victim. You put your face in the way of my fist.

So...the reporter from the Vancouver Sun has an account on Kos. Whoop-de-doo. That means, I guess, that he is therefore untrustworthy. So...did he make the Freepers write those absolutely foul comments about Malia Obama? This seems unclear. Maybe he wrote them all himself? Or, did he pay those corrupt lib-symps to write them? Or, what? The point is, the Free Republic is a web site for armed conservative paranoids—or, if their records prohibit them from owning weapons, the wannabe-be-armed conservatives. And, anymore, it seems like it's the waaay out in right field folks who love to blame others for their own aggressions.

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