Friday, July 31, 2009


WTF redoux

Crap! Goof off for a while and the whole damn' world goes bonkers. I mean, where do you start? Lou Dobbs and the "birthers"? The shameful Democrat surrender over health care "reform"? Our increasing involvment in Afghanistan? Whatever happened to closing Guantanamo?

There is no longer any way of approaching the current world events with a straight face. We have sunk into total and complete satire—except it isn't satire any more, it's real life. It's a good thing we're only one planet in the universe: if we were more than that we'd be dangerous to everything including ourselves. As it is, the universe will little note nor long remember the little third planet from the sun...Except maybe as an object lesson.

America seems to have sunk back into middle 19th Century racism, along with the vast international empire we've maintained. The current furor over Obama's birth certificate is utterly nuts. So is our cancerous military budget—more than all the other countries on earth put together (and we've been fighting a rag-tag band of mountain guerillas in Afghanistan for eight years and can't defeat them...). We cannot get decent health care for all our citizens, not just the rich ones. If you're rich or middle-class you can live quite well, but if you're poor you might as well slit your wrists because the country doesn't want you around—except to mow lawns and clean up trash. What in the hell went on?

Nothing "went on." It's just the very careful and very thick make-up we put on over America's withered face finally started cracking and peeling. The lines, the scabs, the running sores, there they are for everyone to see. Just drive down the street and see the beggars. See the emotional crips stumbling along. Look over there, there's some gang-bangers out to find trouble. See the gold-plated rich folks pretending not to notice.

Yeah, I'm feeling kind of cynical about it all. Disappointed again, sigh. If we have real change makers, we kill them; the ones who promise change but don't deliver, well, they're OK. Shit.

I'd have to agree with Reichwing "Christian" Authoritarian Dominionist Senator Jim DeMint (Republic Fascist) of South Carolina "... we're about where Germany was before World War II...", and have been for at least the past eight and a half years.

What would you have done if you werea 1930s-era German seeing your democratic nation going fascist?

If you were an average white, affluent, straight male citizen, with all the privilege and power granted to you by that majority status, you would have said virtually nothing in opposition, even as the rights of groups other than your own were being taken away and the members were disappearing in the middle of the night into the gulag of prison and mental institutions.

As an average bible-believing Christian, you would probably have obeyed your war-supporting bishops or pastors in their support of Hitler (almost all of whom had pledged a solemn oath of loyalty to the Führer). You, as a conservative Christian, would have been expected to also be obedient to the rulers in Berlin in times of national crisis rather than faithfully adhering to the ethical teachings of Jesus, who forbade homicidal violence to his followers and who said that his followers were to love, rather than fear and kill, their enemies.

Afterall, the playbook is seventy-five years old.
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