Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Round and round in the circle game...

Evenings, I enjoy reading history. No specific areas, and usually semi-popular retellings and interpretations of history. A few areas, like north American history, I like reading the primary sources; otherwise, 2ndary sources are dandy.

Barbara Tuchman is one of my favorite writers, of course. She was witty and wise. Her analysis of American policy in the Viet Nam War is devastating. Lately I've been reading Crane Brinton's Anatomy of Revolution. It's a study of the French, the English ("The Great"), the American, and the Russian revolutions. Both books seem relevant to the current scene. Afghanistan and the increasing troop levels bring back echoes from the past. We keep adding troops while knowing the government we're supporting stinks like a cesspool. Afghanistan 's reputation as an Empire Eater is widely known. The dynamics of revolutionary movements, particularly the thuggish stages where the legitimate government is overwhelmed, have parallels in today's far-right demonstrations like "tea bags" actions and the rudeness of town-hall disruptions. History does not repeat itself, but people too often do just that, as Freud and Jung and countless other explorers of consciousness have pointed out.

We got trouble right here in River City, folks.

I have been away too long! Is good to catch up again on your postings.

I've been away too much myself. It's been quite difficult for me to keep up with this...well, this spring knocked the bejesus out of me, and it's hard to get back rolling down the road...Glad to hear from you, no doubt about that!
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