Wednesday, September 16, 2009


life within and without me

Got a temporary reprieve from the colonoscopy: at least for a week. Actually, I'd rather just drink the polyethylene glycol and get it over with. But, doctors move in orbits that earthlings can only hope to link with on occasion.

So do capitalists.

Our daily daily, the—well, I'll just call it the Daily Daily—came out opposed to the minimum wage. Great: when people with jobs are squeaking through the checkout lines in grocery stores with food stamps, dodging bill collectors, and wondering what will happen if any of their family members get sick, the paper thinks wages should go lower. That's...really Christian of them. White of them. Thoughtless of them. Cold-hearted. I swear to god that paper would roll us back to the presidency of Wm McKinley if it could. Wages? Too high. Profits too low. Government? Too meddling. Growth? Wonderful! More more more growth!

Edward Abbey, you don't know what you've missed out on.

The Daily Daily, to be a bit even-handed, is heavily invested in our town as a growth industry; they agitated for a fourth crossing of the river so that the west side of town could grow faster; they find odious any land-use planning that prohibits growth (I was a bit even handed in that earlier clause), and they object to a recent statistic about the number of homeless in central Oregon (they believe it's way too high and it's bad publicity). A few years ago they moved from an old publishing plant on the east side of the river to a new huge one on the west side, and now their paper is very slender. There are so many houses for sale that few people are even bothering tolist them. There are usually less than two dozen jobs in the "Employment" section. The only growth section of the paper is in the classified section, though, where the foreclosures and sheriff's sales are listed.

And their favorite letters are the ones attacking the current administration, I do believe. Their cartoons certainly do that...

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