Sunday, September 13, 2009



A night out in the woods, camped along a river. Chipmonks—OK, golden mantle ground squirrels, crested jays, scrub jays, a campfire. Like a long meditation, like being stoned. Sitting, watching, not thinking. Beth pointed out that we were the white trash element, because we had the dirty van, no big 5th wheel rig, not even a newer van and high-tech tent. Well, gee. I'd like to have, I think, a class B van, all self-contained, with room to stand up in it. But, we don't. This one works. No blame.

Anything new? Yeah, the Armed Right had a big rally in D.C., yawn. Once again, I'll mention there are a lot of people preaching sedition and if people had protested as loudly against Bush's policies, there would have been lot more arrests and broken heads. Tom Ridge would have called out the troops; at least Dick Cheney would have. There would have been hell to pay.

There may be hell to pay, yet. There're increasing numbers of attacks on homeless people, who make a good scapegoat. I think it's only a slight notch up to where the cars of liberals—like ones with bumper stickers, get thumped and vandalized. Libs are going to be the big scapegoats for these "tea party patriots." It's always easier to go after non-violent people than ones who might fight back. Assuming Democrats and liberals are passive...which not all of us are...

I am a big believer in fighting back. Which probably explains why three teeth meet.
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