Saturday, September 05, 2009


September Song?

September song: "Where did August go?"

Lily Tomlin turned 70 the other day: Happy Birthday, Lily, you're an asset! Your quote about satire being too hard because it's so difficult to keep up with things...We're living in a society that has become a satire of itself, right? I mean, who are these people screaming that Obama is a liberal/Nazi/Communist/Socialist who's trying to take over the country? These people are actually preaching Sedition, I believe. That's a major crime in my book. There's also, I think, a covert strategy to get some tinfoil-hat-wearer to whack our President. It may be an unconscious plot, even, but given our history, if you turn the heat up high enough, somebody's going to do something really stupid. Like assassinate the POTUS. I know everybody is stressed by the economy and a clear realization that yes, Virginia, the US did commit acts of torture.

What else is left of the American National Air-Conditioned Nightmare? Not much. We're not god's chosen after all—no more than the Russians, the Germans, Italians, Spanish...we're just nice normal fuckedup people. We behave no better than anybody else. That is a hard realization, especially when scoundrels like O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Palin, and others are still screaming that We Are The Elect.

We're not. Nobody is.

Why not just admit it? Why kill people who keep telling the truth? Because if they'd just shut up then everything will be OK, again. Sure.

Saying that Obama's policies are liberal/socialist/communist (all viewpoints that he is historically familiar with) is sedition? What was it when you were theorizing that Bush and Cheney would invent a crisis and declare martial law to avoid having free elections in 2008/2009?
Don't get me wrong. Politicians are a sleazy bunch prone to doing what's best for them (usually what keeps them in power), so your theory wasn't entirely off-base. Just remember that Obama is also a politician. :(
If I can quote myself, "liberal/nazi/socialist/communist," to be a bit more exact, Anon. No, of course it isn't sedition: but talking about watering the tree of liberty with the blood of...just who are the t-heads—er, tea-baggers—talking about? Cheney? No. Bush, ditto. They're clearly referring to the POTUS. And essentially they're advocating offing him. You know that.

There's a major difference between these gun-happy old mean fat white guys and me theorizing about why Bush and Cheney were trying to engineer a coup. FWIW.

I hadn't heard/seen the 'watering the tree of liberty with blood' thing. Doing a search for it, I do see one incident where there was a protestor carrying a firearm and a sign saying that. Somehow, the guy managed to do the whole thing legally, I guess (a mixture of where he was standing, licensing laws, and not trying to go inside the building).

The defense is that it is a quote from Thomas Jefferson. Have there been other cases of that saying coming up? Because while I can get behind the complaint 'The Constitution has been flushed down the toilet during recent administrations.', I certainly do not condone violence. As far as I know, however, the tea-bag folks have been peaceful in their protests.
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