Friday, October 09, 2009


Peace Prize? Yeah.

B.F.D. Let me repeat that: B.F.D..

Why yes, Pete, it is a BFD.

I published the following shortly after the election, and again yesterday, so don't take it personal.

As products of mid-fifties promiscuous pregnancies and sixties serial southern California divorce, Dawn and I are of a Unique Generation. As is our President, with points on my side for mixed ancestry. Our parents didn’t do us any favors, there’s no crystal spoon stickin’ out our asses. Cuspers they call us, who don't give a rat's ass what you think...

Those who didn't abandon the values laid down in our formative years when the hippies got their law degrees, cut their hair and bought BMWs and million dollar McMansions on The High Desert. Whoopee! Nixon quit, The War is Over! ... and left the machinations in place, notably Bush/Carlyle, Cheney/Haliburton and Rumsfield/etal, that led to the Authoritarian State - Fascist State - we may nearly have become.

There were a couple of Dicks back in the day, of whom the poets wrote

Hey Dick, whatever you think of us is totally irrelevant,
We are the future, you are the past, so pay your dues and get out of the way! Because we're not the way you used to be...
When you were very young.
You hippie-dippy bastards did as much harm as the war freaks.

You stopped The War!

Your War.

Viet Nam.

But you didn't stop War.

You stopped The War. Your War. Viet Nam. But you didn't stop War. You finished your law degrees and bought overpriced McMansions, and left the machinations* in place, the military/media/medical/industrial/banking complex, that led to the Failed State - the Hollow State - we have become.

You had your chance, you could have changed the world and arguably you did, but in both Clinton and Bush your generation, the elder of the Boomers, the entitled, failed to address the concerns of the future.

It's our turn now, we Cuspers, who don't give a rat's ass what you think...

Congratulations, Mr President.

O'Owlish Amenheh
(Ten Bears)
The entire thing would have been more convincing had it come on the heels of some great accomplishment or important reform, rather than just arriving on the scene and declaring himself the 'Avatar of Hope'.

Unless it was awarded to him simply for being the first African American president, in which case the prize should be split among all the people who voted for him...
I will miss you peter. I will miss you.
Yes Peter, I am so sad to hear our shitty health care system got you. I'll miss you so much. Safe travels Brother. Say hello to those others we had in common will ya? E.
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